Easy to clean and disinfect, types like a normal keyboard

Medical keyboards

Designed for use in all medical environments like hospitals and dental clinics, combining maximum infection control with excellent tactile key response.

Tactile feedback

Purekeys keyboards have a completely flat top while offering excellent tactile feedback when typing.

Easy to clean

The completely flat surface enables easy cleaning and disinfecting with all hospital grade disinfectants.

White silicone

The covers are made of white silicone rubber to ease cleaning and provide an aestethic look.


The covers can be customized to match any keyboard layout or specific company requirements.

What is a medical keyboard?

Keyboards are one of the biggest contamination sources of the average work environment. Germs easily settle between the keys and it is often difficult to properly clean the keyboard. This is a problem for hospitals, dentists and anyone else who puts optimal hygiene first. Fortunately, a Purekeys Medical Keyboard offers the solution.

Hygienic keyboard GF
Cleaning keyboard

A medical keyboard should be completely flat

The problem with most medical keyboards is that they have raised keys with seams and edges where germs can accumulate. Although they may be waterproof, even with thorough cleaning you will not get these keyboards completely clean.

A Purekeys keyboard has a completely flat top layer without edges or seams. This makes it easy to wipe the keyboard clean with a cloth and cleaning solution.

Real keys for a comfortable typing experience

The top layer of a Purekeys keyboard is made of high-quality silicone. Underneath this flexible layer are the keys as you know them from a normal keyboard. These give you the tactile feedback of a normal keyboard and a comfortable typing experience.

With a medical keyboard from Purekeys you always guarantee the best possible hygiene for yourself, your work environment and the people around you.

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