Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers.

Yes, all our covers are made of high quality silicone rubber and are 100% Latex free.

Yes, all our products are tested by certified testing agencies and are approved.

The keyboard may work with Linux, however not all Linux functions are supported.

The keyboard may work with Apple OS, however not all Apple OS functions are supported.

The fact that the keyboard was working on the PC provides a clue that the registry file may have been corrupted. Our recommendation is to delete the unknown device from the Device Manager and then force the Device Manager to “search for new hardware”. Once the device is found, it will setup a new registry entry and reload the

Before wiping the keyboard press the CLEAN key to put the keyboard in “cleaning mode”, indicated by the flashing LED, to prevent unwanted input. The ”cleaning mode” will be switched of by pressing the CLEAN key again or after not touching any key for 60 seconds.

Our products are made to be cleaned and disinfected between patients to follow best practice.

Any hospital grade disinfectant like alcohol 80%, bleach solution and ammonia can be used to clean and disinfect the silicone material.

Our products can be cleaned and disinfected by “spray and wipe” method because they have no raised surfaces. There is no need to rinse or submerge them. Before wiping the keyboard the CLEAN key can be pressed to prevent unwanted key input. After the process the keyboard can be activated by pressing the CLEAN key again.


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