Purekeys Medical Mouse

Mouse 40075/40275

Quick to disinfect, Easy to use

Purekeys medical keyboards combine a completely flat surface with the tactile feedback of a regular keyboard. These surfaces are made from high quality elastic silicone which can be cleaned after every patient in just a few seconds. 

Purekeys hygiënic mice have a silicone cover that makes them easy to clean. The ‘touchscroll’ gives you the ability to scroll like you would on a regular mouse.

IP66 Protection

Water- and Spillproof

Because of the closed top surface and the lack and seams the mouse is easy to clean with disinfectant solutions. The high quality  silicone cover protects the mouse against fluids and dust while the user click and scroll like they would on a regular mouse. Purekeys medical mice are resistant to most medical grade cleaning solutions like alcohol, peroxides and chlorine.

Purekeys mousepad
Wireless black mouse angle



The medical mice from Purekeys also available in matte black.

Easy Scrolling

Touch Scroll

Purekeys medical mice have a touch scroll sensor which give the user the ability to scroll with high precision and maximum comfort.

USB black mouse top