Purekeys medical Mouse

Purekeys hygiënic mice have a silicone cover that makes them easy to clean. The ‘touchscroll’ gives you the ability to scroll like you would on a regular mouse.

Product specifications

Dimensions (l x w x h):

Product weight:


IP Classification:

Sensor Type:

Connection type:

System requirements:

Cable length (USB):

Wireless reach (Wireless):

Factory warranty:

11 x 7 x 4 cm

115 grams

White / Black


Optic Sensor

USB cable / USB Dongle

USB port

1.8 m

12 m

2 years

Water- and Spillproof

Because of the flat top surface and the lack of seams the mice are easy to clean with disinfectant solutions. The high quality  silicone cover protects the mouse against fluids and dust while the user can click and scroll like they would on a regular mouse.

Purekeys medical mice are resistant to most medical grade cleaning solutions like alcohol, peroxides and chlorine.

Purekeys mousepad

Product codes

ProductEANProduct Number
USB Mouse White871886863420750065
USB Mouse Black871886863449840265
Wireless Mouse White871886863423850075
Wireless Mouse Black871886863450440275


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