Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact
Compact 300XXX100
Quick to disinfect, maximum typing comfort

This compact medical keyboard fits perfectly on almost every desk or workingstation. With the VESA inserts you can even mount it to a workingstation if necessary. The keyboard comes with a set of 6 rubber adhesive feet to give it an ergonomic working angle.

Cleaning this keyboard is easy and simple. Just press the clean key to switch off the key response and wipe the keyboard clean with any hospital grade cleaning solution like alcohol, chlorine or peroxide. Then press the cleankey again to turn the key response back on.

General Specifications:

  • Dimensions (l x w x h):              16,3 x 38,6 x 2 cm
  • Product weight:                         850 grams
  • Colours:                                     White
  • IP Classification:                        IP66
  • Key mechanism:                        Scissor keys
  • Numerical keypad:                     Yes
  • Connection type:                       USB cable
  • System requirements:               USB port
  • Cable length (USB):                   1.8 m
  • Factory warranty:                      2 years

Included with keyboard: 

  • 6 rubber feet 4 x 5mm , 2 x 15mm for different ergonomic angles.
  • Optional: Magnets and metal plates set for temporary fixation on every surface like a COW drawer.

Productnumber:                       300XXX00 (Replace XXX with landcode)

  • US-INT                          EAN: 8718868634009
  • Belgium                        EAN: 8718868634115
  • France                          EAN: 8718868634054
  • Spain                            EAN: 8718868634061
  • Italy                              EAN: 8718868634085
  • Switzerland/ Lux          EAN: 8718868634122
  • UK/ Ireland                   EAN: 8718868634078
  • Germany                       EAN: 8718868634016
  • Latin America               EAN: 8718868634153
  • Brazil                            EAN: 8718868634160
  • Portugal                       EAN: 8718868634092
  • Scandinavia                  EAN: 8718868634146
  • Arabic                           EAN: 8718868634139
  • Hebrew                        EAN: 8718868634108
  • Slovenia                       EAN: 8718868634511

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IP66 Protection

Water- and Spillproof

Because of the flat top surface and the lack of edges and seams the keyboards are easy to clean with disintectant solutions. The high quality  silicone cover protects the keyboard against fluids and dust while the user can type like they would on a regular keyboard. Purekeys medical keyboards are resistant to most medical grade cleaning solutions like alcohol, peroxides and chlorine.


VESA Standard

Easy Fixation

Inserts at 75mm VESA distance for optimal fixation.

Optimal Hygiene

Quick and Easy Cleaning

By pressing the ‘Key Lock’ button the keyboard will switch off, making it possible to wipe the keyboard clean without having to disconnect the keyboard from your computer. Only if cleaning can be done in a matter of seconds it will happen regularly. That is why Purekeys keyboards have no seams or edges which makes them very easy to clean.