Dental keyboard

Introducing Purekeys’ innovative dental keyboards, designed specifically for dental environments where optimal hygiene is paramount. With Purekeys dental keyboards, you can maintain impeccable hygiene, as opposed to traditional keyboards, while enjoying a comfortable typing experience. Our keyboards feature a flat, seamless design that allows for easy cleaning and disinfection, ensuring a pristine work environment. Choose Purekeys for personalized solutions, customizable key arrangements, and a range of options including compact keyboards, full-size keyboards, touchpad keyboards, and hygienic mice.

Purekeys Compact Keyboard
Purekeys Compact Keyboard

This compact keyboard is narrower than a full size keyboard but wide enough to type comfortably. This keyboard is easily mounted on a mobile working station with the VESA-inserts on the back.

Purekeys Compact FA Keyboard
Purekeys Compact FA Keyboard

This compact keyboard is narrower than a full size keyboard but wide enough to type comfortably. The Compact FA (Fixed Angle) keyboard has a fixed ergonomic angle of 6º. 

Purekeys Full Size Keyboard

This full size keyboard has the width of a standard keyboard with extra spacing around the arrow keys. The full size keyboard has a fixed ergonomic angle of 6º. 

Purekeys Touchpad Keyboard

This keyboard with touchpad is useful in places where using a mouse is not possible or not preferred. The touchpad keyboard has a fixed ergonomic angle of 6º.

Purekeys Medical Mouse
Purekeys Mice

The Purekeys hygiënic mice have a silicone cover that makes them easy to clean. The ‘touchscroll’ gives you the ability to scroll like you would on a regular mouse.

Medical keyboards
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The Importance of Hygiene in Dental Environments

Maintaining optimal hygiene is of utmost importance in dental clinics, and a key aspect of achieving this is investing in the right dental keyboard. Traditional keyboards pose a significant risk of contamination due to the accumulation of germs between the keys. At Purekeys, we understand the unique needs of dental professionals and offer a solution that ensures superior hygiene standards without compromising on comfort or functionality.

We recognize the unique needs of dental practices and the critical role that a hygienic environment plays in delivering quality care; therefore, we have developed a specialized dental keyboard solution that prioritizes cleanliness while ensuring uncompromised comfort and optimal functionality.

Unmatched Cleanliness with Purekeys Dental Keyboards

The Purekeys dental keyboard revolutionizes cleanliness in dental environments with its completely flat top layer and seamless design, eliminating the risk of germ accumulation and setting new standards for hygiene. With a simple wiping action using a cloth and cleaning solution, you can effortlessly maintain a germ-free work environment. Designed specifically for dental practices, our dental keyboard offers both comfort and hygiene, featuring a high-quality silicone top layer for a comfortable typing experience and real keys beneath for tactile feedback. 

Cleaning is a breeze as these keyboards are compatible with hospital-grade disinfectants, while the white silicone covers enhance cleanliness and provide an aesthetically pleasing look. Customize your dental keyboard to match your dental practice requirements, whether it’s a specific key arrangement or incorporating branding elements. Experience unparalleled cleanliness, comfort, and customization with a Purekeys dental keyboard, prioritizing hygiene and supporting the well-being of both patients and dental professionals.

Dentist Keyboard for Superior Typing Experience

Purekeys understands the specific requirements of dental professionals, who not only prioritize hygiene but also seek a comfortable typing experience. Our dentist keyboard features real keys beneath a high-quality silicone top layer, combining the tactile feedback of a traditional keyboard with a flat surface design that allows for easy cleaning. Designed specifically for dental settings, our dentist keyboard caters to the needs of dental professionals, ensuring optimal functionality and hygiene. With a Purekeys dentist keyboard, you can enjoy a superior typing experience while upholding the highest standards of hygiene in your dental practice. Invest in a dentist keyboard that delivers both comfort and cleanliness, supporting your productivity and the well-being of your patients and staff.

Enhanced Durability for Demanding Dental Environments

In a dental setting, keyboards are exposed to various challenges, including harsh chemicals, repetitive cleaning, and accidental spills. At Purekeys, we understand the demanding nature of dental environments and have designed our dental keyboard to withstand these conditions without compromising performance or hygiene. Our dental keyboard is built with durable materials and sealed components, ensuring long-lasting reliability even in the toughest circumstances. With a Purekeys dentist keyboard, you can trust in its durability and focus on delivering exceptional dental care. Invest in a keyboard that is specifically engineered to meet the challenges of your dental practice, providing you with a reliable and hygienic typing experience.

Frequently asked questions about the dental keyboard

How do I clean and maintain the hygiene of my dental keyboard?

Cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of your dental keyboard is simple. The flat surface design enables easy cleaning using a cloth and cleaning solution. Additionally, our keyboards are compatible with hospital-grade disinfectants, allowing you to effectively sanitize them and maintain optimal hygiene standards in your dental practice.

What are the different types of keyboards and mice offered by Purekeys?

Purekeys offers a range of keyboards and mice designed for optimal hygiene in dentist environments ranging from a compact keyboard to a dentist keyboard with touchpad and even hygienic mice.

Is the Purekeys dental keyboard splash-proof?

Yes, the Purekeys dental keyboard is splash-proof, offering protection against liquid exposure and moisture with an IP66 classification.