Title: Purekeys Medical Keyboard Full Size USB White Hygienic Disinfectable Waterproof Washable Silicone Flat Hospital Dentist Veterinarian Laboratory Easy To Clean
EAN: 8718868634788
product description

<p>With the <b>Purekeys Full Size Medical Keyboard</b> you can enjoy a comfortable typing experience and the optimal hygiene of a completely flat keyboard. The high-quality silicone top layer is quick and easy to clean with a wipe and cleaning solution. Pressing the dedicated “clean key” allows keys to be disabled during cleaning. This keyboard is ideal for hospitals and dentists.</p><p>This keyboard has a <b>completely flat silicone top layer</b> that prevents bacteria, viruses and other germs from accumulating&nbsp;between the keys. This also makes the keyboard easy and quick to clean at any time of the day.</p><p>Underneath the flexible top layer are the keys as you know them from a normal keyboard. Each key features a <b>durable “scissor mechanism”</b> that ensures a longer product lifespan and comfortable typing.</p><p>This keyboard is <b>Plug-and-Play compatible</b> with any Windows based PC. This means that you only connect the USB cable and can immediately use the keyboard without installing drivers or other software.</p>